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Jewelry Care

Thank you for your purchase. We want you to enjoy your new jewelry for many years to come. Over time metals can tarnish depending on the atmospheric conditions in your area, and what they come into contact with as they are worn. Follow these care tips for keeping your jewelry looking its’ very best.

  • Store in a box, or soft bag, to keep jewelry from scratching or tangling.
  • Keep jewelry in zip lock bags to prevent it from tarnishing while you are not wearing it.
  • Put jewelry on after applying, lotions, hair products and perfumes.
  • Take off before showering, swimming, exercise, and bed.
  • Avoid contact with household cleaning products.
  • Gently clean gold plated jewelry after each wear with a soft cloth to remove dirt and debris.
  • To more thoroughly clean gold plated jewelry, wash piece with soapy water, and a soft cloth or toothbrush- rinse and dry well.

 14kt Gold-Filled and 24kt Gold Plate over Sterling Silver Jewelry

Both items made with 14kt gold-filled and 24kt gold plate over sterling silver are taken care of in a similar way. Follow the general  guidelines above-  wipe with a soft cloth after wear. To clean- wash with a mild soap and warm water and thoroughly dry with a soft cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals, or a polishing cloth embedded with polishing compound intended for cleaning  sterling silver jewelry.

Silver, Brass and Copper

I find the best way to polish silver, brass and copper is with a silver polishing cloth-like a Sunshine Cloth. Be sure to support the piece as you rub so it doesn't distort out of place.

Kuem Boo

Kuem Boo is the process of bonding 23kt gold foil to the surface of silver. Although it is 25 times thicker that gold foil care should be taken to preserve it.

Store in a box or pouch away from other items that might scratch it. Since the gold is high karat it will not tarnish as the silver might you can gently buff just the silver areas. Do not use strong chemicals, cleaners and do not polish with an ultrasonic machine.