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Do You Gift Wrap?

Each piece of jewelry is sent in a cardboard gift box. Earrings and necklaces on chains are displayed on an card.

Do you do custom orders?

At this time i do not set other peoples stones or objects into jewelry. However if you would like multiples of an item I carry like for bridesmaids gifts let me know.

Where can I see your jewelry in person?

I live in Santa Cruz, California and regularly sell at these outdoor events:

Santa Cruz Downtown Maker's Market
3rd Sunday of the month on Pacific Avenue
10am to 5pm

Westside Marketplace
First Sunday of the Month (beginning Feb. 2021)
Old Wrigley Building Parking Lot on Swift Street

Social distancing and masks required for these outdoor event. Check my Instagram @btruso for latest Maker's Market and Westside Marketplace updates, including weather cancellations.

I also sell at various local events around Santa Cruz. Most events have been affected by Covid so look for updates and announcements on Instagram @btruso

You can find a selection of my jewelry at Felton Mercantile in Felton, CA.

Do you participate in Santa Cruz Open Studios county wide event
in October?

Yes, however, this year the event has been put on hold on account of Covid. Stay tuned for The Virtual Arts Network Portal coming in September to help you connect with your favorite Open Studios artist.

 What Materials and Techniques do you use?

Here are some of the materials I frequently use either on their own, or in combinations as a design element. When designing a piece I often use mixed metals to get two tone color effects. Since many people are sensitive to brass in their ears I use 14kt gold filled ear wires or sterling silver ear wires with brass and gold plated pieces.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

The sterling silver, and fine silver sheet and wire I use comes from recycled sources- diverted from the waste stream either in manufacturing processes or from after consumer use. In the studio every bit of scrap made in the process of making a piece is collected to either make smaller pieces, or is melted together to make new wire or sheets of  sterling silver.

What is Fine Silver?

Fine silver is silver in its purist form- 99.9%. It does not tarnish so it is used in the process of 
Keum Boo.

What is Keum Boo?

Keum Boo is an ancient Korean technique of adhering 23kt gold foil to fine silver through a process of heat and pressure. A bond is created at a molecular level.
Gold foil is 25 times thicker than gold leaf. Pieces with Keum Boo should not be dipped into jewelry cleaners, aggressively polished or cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. Since the gold will not tarnish is best to just lightly buff just the silver area of the piece.

What is 14kt Gold-Filled?
Gold-filled is created by bonding, through heat and pressure, a thick layer of 14kt karat gold to a base metal, such as brass. The layer is many times thicker when compared to a plated layer.

What is 24kt Gold Plate over Sterling?

For our gold plated items we start with pieces created in sterling silver, those pieces are then plated with a 20 micron thick layer of 24kt gold. It is a thick layer but care should be taken to keep it looking its best. Please see our info on jewelry care above.

What is Argentium?

Argentium is an alloy of sterling silver(93.5%), copper and metalloid geranium. The addition of geranium gives advantages when working with it at the jewelry bench, and it makes the final piece resistant to tarnish. I like to use Argentium in pieces that are fused.

What is Fusing?

Fusing is a process of creating jewelry without the use of solder. The elements of the design are laid out everything is brought to the same melting temperature joining them together.

What is Red Brass?

Red brass is an alloy of 85% copper and 15% zinc. It is often called Merlin’s Gold since its color mimics that of 14kt gold. It is also known as jeweler’s bronze, or NuGold.